Our offer


  • Blogs content and articles writing service for companiesSee the blog that we have prepared for our client OrganicVillage.pl
  • Proofreading, revision, text editing, correction letters, emails, press releases or commercial features or entire brochures will be fully approved for press… We will cross the ties, get rid of any grammar gremlins and captivate your audience.
  • Web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Data input
  • Selling of e-booksOffer in preparation
  • Personalized Books – Make reading more fun… Create a Personalised Book and add their name into the story. Our Personalised Books are specially created so that the name you add becomes a part of the story, a great gift for any occasion! Books start from only £19.99!
    The offer has been temporarily suspended
  • Selling photos and copyrights, licensing – See our pictures for sale. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact us by email or phone.
  • Photo sessions – We specialize in fashion sessions for illustrated magazines, but we will also accept an order for a pregnancy session, wedding, family and occasional. The offer is available only in the south of England!
  • Implementation of instructional videos See the recordings we’ve made
  • Help in translating and completing documents, writing appeals and official applications
  • Rental of advertising space – See more information about the advertising possibilities on our website.
  • Copywriting, advertisement, PR


At this moment we still have for sale:

  1. pictures from the SufiArt series (hand-painted on paper and framed, 5 patterns to choose from, 45 £ each)
    hand-painted picture from the Sufi Art series – blue
    hand-painted picture from the Sufi Art series – white


  2. series „Postcards from Morocco. Scenes of everyday life” (hand painted and burned on wood, 3 patterns to choose, 25 £ each)
    – the moroccan hand-painted picture on wood „Circumcision”
    the moroccan hand-painted picture on wood „Hammam”
    the moroccan hand-painted picture on wood „Moroccan wedding”
  3. moroccan hand-made organic soap with the symbol of Fatima’s hand (we sell in packages of 5 for 10 £)


Wielka Księga Kosmetyków Naturalnych. Rytuały piękna i sekretne receptury z różnych stron świata

  • The Great Book of Natural Cosmetics. Beauty rituals and secret recipes from around the world / Wielka Księga Kosmetyków Naturalnych. Rytuały piękna i sekretne receptury z różnych stron świata

Polish version coming soon! Also planned in English and Russian.

Fascynuje Cię temat Kosmetyków Naturalnych? Wspaniale! Już teraz możemy odsłonić specjalnie dla Ciebie rąbka tajemnicy. Zespół Organic Village przygotowuje „Wielką Księgę Kosmetyków Naturalnych”

Przyjmujemy zapisy na pierwsze egzemplarze: sklep@organicvillage.pl

  • Intercultural Calendar / Kalendarz wielokulturowy

Jedyny w swoim rodzaju (mamy nadzieję) kalendarz wieloreligijny i wielokulturowy dla wszelkiej maści uniwersalistów i ludzi ciekawych innych religii i kultur. Możesz uczestniczyć w jego tworzeniu!

See our Intercultural Calendar online

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